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​Real estate

​Real estate and residential welfare-related consultation

Our contract related

(This is the organization that appears in the contract)

"(Japan Public Interest Incorporated Association) All Japan Real Estate Association"

"(Public Interest Incorporated Association) Real Estate Guarantee Association"

First, please read "For the general public".

However, since it is only technical terms,

If the unknown turns into a question, let me know.

The "Real Estate Association" is just another famous organization.

" (Public Interest Incorporated Association) National Association of Building Lots and Buildings Business Federation "


There is no good or bad.

Please be assured.

(There are other real estate groups, but the same applies)

"Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau"

When I look at this, it's probably when I'm in trouble with the contract, so I'll do my best to prevent you from getting here.

As the handling field is wide,

Please proceed to "Business Information> Depositary> Depositary Office".

Also, if it is not a trouble, but you are wondering "what is registration?", "Business guidance> Real estate registration> About real estate registration"

Is recommended.

Homestay related

Right now, I feel that there is no reliable homepage for users that makes me think, "This is it!"

If you want to know the situation surrounding Minpaku, or if you want to start Minpaku, I think this should be read first.

"Tourist agency Minpaku system portal site minpaku"

"Well-being Tokyo Co., Ltd."

Even in real estate, we will provide consultation for those who are at a loss, such as "I have a lot of trouble and I can not accept it. I do not know the consultation point".

​We are building a relationship with LC First Co., Ltd. by leveraging each other's strengths.

"Tsukuroi Tokyo Fund"

Even within the Tokyo metropolitan area, there are various groups of volunteers doing various activities, and I feel dizzy.

I would like to collect all of them, but I would like to introduce this with the thought of an intestine. There are side connections with various groups, so you can ask where to go.

* As soon as we find a page that is useful for everyone, we will update it as needed!
(So, the construction work will continue...)

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