L・C First Personal Information Protection Policy

LC First Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") strongly recognizes the importance of protecting personal information, and aims to be a company loved by society and expected to grow and develop.
Here, the Company has established the following guidelines and will make every possible effort to protect the personal information of all parties involved in the business, including customers and employees.


  • The Company will clarify the purpose of use of personal information and will acquire the personal information in a legal and fair manner within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose.

  • We will use personal information, provide it to a third party or entrust it within the scope of the purpose of use with the consent of customers and employees. The acquired personal information will not be used for any purpose other than its intended purpose, and measures will be taken for that purpose.

  • We manage personal information appropriately and reasonably, and implement necessary measures to prevent and correct unauthorized access or loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc.

  • We may collect internal information for the best consulting with our customers, but it is strictly prohibited to bring it out to the outside.

  • ​The Company will not engage in aggressive sales or solicitation activities such as taming, based on the acquired personal information.

  • We will comply with laws and regulations regarding personal information, national guidelines and other norms.

  • The Company regularly audits and reviews the operational status related to the protection and handling of personal information and strives to continuously improve the personal information protection management system.

  • Our company will properly respond to the requests of related parties regarding the handling of personal information, including complaints and consultations from the person concerned.

Example of third-party provider of personal information

・Persons who are parties to sales and lease contracts

・Contractors etc. to fulfill the matters entrusted by the customer

・A management company when there is a need for building management, rent management, contract management, etc.

・Other real estate agents, insurers, etc. required to achieve the contract purpose

・When required by law (for example, cooperation with police investigation after confirming that formal procedures have been taken) Especially for measures against anti-social forces

Inquiries about personal information

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