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"New company" with veterans

Our company was established in 2019, but the members are veterans who have accumulated experience in each company.

Let's work together with the members scattered around each company!

This is the number one motivation for establishing our company.

You can do various things for the new company, which may be a feature.

・ Real estate brokerage (buying and leasing), rental management, as well as real estate such as auctions

Almost one-stop support

・ From wealth management advice for wealthy people to finding housing for the needy

・ Please leave old properties, vacant houses, and diversion of uses.

・ Chinese (Mandarin) and Taiwanese support

・ From first-class architects and FP technicians to cooks

Please come anytime

The nearest station is Yoyogi Station on the JR / Toei Line, but it is within walking distance from Shinjuku Station.

It may be a little difficult to enter because it is on the 7th floor of the building, but we are always waiting for you.


Origin and philosophy of company name


C Confidence


The company name "LC" comes from "permanent trust."

Permanence of trust is never easy, but

We are determined to have an ideal attitude to gain trust over the long term.

LC First Co., Ltd.

Representative Director Tsutomu Koyama

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